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Uniquesoft Cloud PBX System. The VoIP phone service made for modern work

Main Features


Automated Call Distribution

Manages and distributes calls to the most qualified agent or queue. In this way, the call is always answered by the most appropriate agent. It increases efficiency and productivity of your business.


Multi DID

You can purchase multiple DIDs numbers. Also the same DID number can be defined as the outgoing number.


Black List

Define the numbers you don't want to receive calls from and protect yourself from annoying spam callers. The numbers you have added to the blacklist will no longer bother you.


Interactive Voice Response

Intuitive and user-friendly interface offers an IVR menu where you can create as many customized messages as you want. Customization allows you to tailor your pbx solution to your customers' needs, improving their experience and increasing brand loyalty.


Conference Calls

Easily make conference calls and join multiple participants in the same call at the same time. Conference feature allow multiple participants to make conversation on same call.


Call Forwarding

When agents are busy, out of business hours, or no agent is answering the phone, you can easily forward calls to any extension, agent, IVR, survey or voicemail. You can perform the call forwarding process automatically or manually.


Call Records

PBX has ability of capture a call in an audio file format of any calls. You can listen or download these records directly from your browser on anywhere or anytime. You can change recording rules that limits extension, or call types.


Ring Groups

Thanks to the ring groups, incoming calls are transferred to the all agents at the same time and their phones start ringing at the same time. This reduces response time and improves the customer experience.



No inbound calls remain unanswered even all agents are busy or you are out of office. It allows inbound calls to route voicemail service. By means of voicemail, the callers can leave a voice message. System sends an email with the voice record attachment to the defined email addresses.

Advantages of using a cloud based hosted PBX system for your business


Quite affordable

No CAPEX involved. Only OPEX as No hardware equipment is required for successfully running a cloud PBX phone system, thus help in saving & making system cost effective.


Easy setup

Get your PBX system started in less than 10 minutes. Easily setup your company’s communication system in the cloud. No hassles of equipment installation, wiring.


Improve Productivity

Track, record and analyse all your customer conversations. Gather actionable insights and work better. Improve agents call handling skills.

Grow at your own pace. Our system is capable of handling 1000s of calls concurrently. Thanks to our word class infrastructure.

Businesses have the advantage of increasing or decreasing their workforce anytime without worrying about the setup cost for additional lines. They can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate heightened call volume.

Route and transfer calls to colleagues in any part of the world. Redirect calls to voicemail in case no one is available to take calls. Create custom greetings based on your business logic.

We have an uptime of 99.95%

All Servers are hosted in Tier-1 data-center.

Buy DID or Toll-free numbers of more than 50 countries. Have Global presence and allow customers to call you from anywhere, thereby improving lead quality, customer conversion & the overall customer experience.


Every business, regardless of size, needs a fast and reliable communications system. A cloud-based phone system unifies the way your team and customers communicate. Contact us today so we can help you get started.

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