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SIP Trunking


Unique Soft Global SIP trunking can be used by companies to improve their communication systems. By integrating global SIP trunking into their Cloud PBX and call center software

Global SIP trunking is a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone lines, as it eliminates the need for physical connections and allows companies to use their existing internet connection to make and receive calls, companies can enjoy several benefits, including:

Cost savings: By using Unique Soft global SIP trunking, companies can reduce their monthly telephone bills by up to 50%

Scalability Global: SIP making it easy to scale up or down depending on business needs

Flexibility Global: SIP trunking can be integrated with a variety of communication systems, including Cloud PBX and call center software 

Advanced features: Global SIP trunking supports advanced call features such as encryption, call recording, and coverage in hard-to-get regions

Improved customer experience: By using global SIP trunking, call centers can improve their customer experience by providing better call quality and faster response times

Go Global with Ease

Make outbound calls anywhere in the world.

Multi-Authentication Option

Option to authenticate the account with Username and Make password authentication or though whitelisted IPs or both digit authentication and IP.

Aggressive Rates

Unlike most of the supplier we offer per second billing to most of the countries with low aggressive rates with high quality voice connectivity.

Expand your reach

Use single account for multi-locations. Remove the hassle of managing multiple PSTN lines.

TLS Support / Secure Voice

Add a layer of protection to your VoIP infrastructure to ensure privacy and data integrity.

Unlimited Capacity

We offer virtually unlimited concurrent calling lines. No charge additional charge for capacity. 

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